We design and implement the most appropriate financing strategy for each client and for each particular situation, maintaining a fluid relationship with the entire business community that can be a financial resource.

Debt Structuring (Bonds – Syndicated Loans)
We are a professional team trained in international banks, financial managers of first line companies and rating agencies that have actively participated in the debt market. Currently, we grant independent advise on bond issues, evaluating the viability of the issuance, the most appropriate markets and working on the selection and coordination of rating agencies, placement agents and brokers. If the structuring of a syndicated loan represents the best option for our clients, we have a  fluent access to the main banks in the market.

Private placements
We advise during the process of identification of opportunities among private investors or hedge funds, structuring the placement, seeking and contacting potential investors and leading the negotiation and closing of the transaction. This alternative allows you to customize the amortization, interest payment and maturity.

Project Finance
We develop creative solutions that allow an improvement in the credit quality of the projects to be financed and we access the financing sources that best suit the needs of clients whether they are banks, multilateral credit agencies or capital markets.

Financing with Equity (IPO’s – Private equity)
A company can access financing to develop new projects, acquire new technologies or other companies through a partial sale of its equity in the capital market. We advise our clients throughout the process of IPO (Initial Public Offering) and we guide them alongside the financial community for a successful issue. Private investors and Private Equity funds are also a source of capital and are constantly searching for interesting opportunities


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