In case of considering a strategic process that requires the determination of an independent fair value, BA Advisors proven experience, professionalism and independence is an adequate alternative.

BA Advisors valuations follow high technical and methodological standards, among which are:

  • Fairness opinions for regulatory, legal, tax issues, related-party transactions, and / or purchase / sale of assets.
  • Private valuations for business owners, for operations between shareholders, as well as for different investment funds.
  • Expert Valuation experts in international arbitrations and local commercial disputes.

We determine fair market values for companies, debt instruments, loans, rights and assets in general.

We develop a key role in legal proceedings or litigation which involve different types of value determination and / or damages. We bring solutions in disputes related to differences over the price of transactions, in conflicts arising from concessions or licenses, as well as in breaches of commercial agreements.

As valuation expert, we have acted before the international arbitration tribunals of the ICSID and UNCITRAL courts. We have also been selected by both litigant parties as an expert arbitrator in the largest commercial litigation in the Argentine mining industry.


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